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Jun 11. 2018 · by Helge Sverre
Leveraging Browser Caching on Nginx

Simple trick to make your Google Pagespeed, Pingdom Tool and GTMetrix score a little bit higher by getting an A on the "Leverage Browser Caching" grade in Nginx (Laravel Forge in my case)

Jun 10. 2018 · by Helge Sverre
How to use Ngrok with CraftCMS

Ngrok is a tool that I and other developers use to create temporary links that route traffic into your local webserver, however out-of-the-box there are some issues when using ngrok with CraftCMS due to how url and asset paths are generated.

May 28. 2018 · by Helge Sverre
How to add the table plugin to redactor in CraftCMS 3

The redactor table plugin in the Redactor editor is not enabled by default when you install Craft 2 or the Redactor Plugin in Craft 3, here is how the enable it, so it can be used by your content editors.

May 15. 2018 · by Helge Sverre
How to add a custom 404 page in CraftCMS

When CraftCMS cannot find a matching template or route, it displays a rather ugly "404 not found"-page, in this article I'll show to replace that page with your own custom "not found" template, and how CraftCMS's error pages works under the hood.